Friday, November 10, 2006

FRoM WaLeS WiTh lOvE

Hi again,
Mmmm... It's a long time since my last post, and things has changed quite a lot. As it is very difficult to say about them all together, I will try to be used to post again, as much as possible.

The first thing: I came to Wales to teach Spanish (and at the same time, trying to improve my English) I am teaching in Porth (Cymer) and in Rhydywaun... I know, I know, reading Welsh is not so easy. Just try to imagine how teaching in two Welsh spoken high schools it is!
Anyway, it is really funny, and I thing it is one of the best experiences I would ever have in my life.

Monday, July 11, 2005

My mind goes absolutely blank!!

I'm preparing my English class for tomorrow. Marta and Gabriel will be waiting for me after almost a month without our sessions. (Gosh...! I can imagine how ansioux they will be!!)
Now I have to do it different. Finally their mother has told me :"I'd like them to enjoy while learning" (Woooow! I got it! They'll be no thinking in EXAAAMSS!)

Marta has just finished 2nd course. I was thinking in teaching her vowels, and I was looking for songs in the net. I haven't found anything about vowels, but this sites are quite useful! and (nursery rhymes with music!!)

And what about Gabriel? I have no idea about how begin our classes... he has finished 4th course. I need some inspiration today!! Any suggestion, please??

Friday, July 08, 2005

Not again, please!

What a huge contrast from the previous day! After a great party day, the same scenery but quite different feelings: Terror again on the streets, people looking for relatives and friends, panic everywhere, mobile phones non - working... but please, 'til when?
Gosh!! I am trying to contact with my friends in London, and unfortunately only one of them have replied to my mail. I just want to imagine they haven't been able to use the net.
I have found this on the Internet. It shows quite well how people where feeling yesterday.
lazo negro

Friday, July 01, 2005


OK, the day has come... after a hard month studying we have got the goal! We have a great summer to enjoy, but unfortunately, it's time to say "bye" to my friends. We won't meet until next course, and some of you won't come because you've finished your degree... can't believe it!!
And what about us: we have only one term more... Again saying farewell to you, and our "practicum" will begin. We'll be in different places again.
I just can't find the words today, I'm so sad now...!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Results

"I have to tell you that... you passed the course. Congratulations" That's what the teacher has told me today.
So it means I'm in fifth course! Really? I just can't believe I passed the exam without studying at all! (Of course I haven't said it in public, but it came to my mind!) To tell the truth, I don't know if I said anything, nor just "Thanks": I felt how my face was getting more and more red as a great sensation was growing inside of me, from the stomach to the throat and finished in my cheeks!

This makes me think a lot: sometimes we don't rely on ourselves. I wasn't going to do the exam because I didn't have time to study, but in the end, I said to myself: "Hey, why not? If you don't pass it, you won't feel bad because you haven't spent any time in it... you could see the exam, prepare it during the summer and pass it with flying colours in september". But FORTUNATELY (and now better than ever "fortunately") I don't have to.

The lesson: Rely on yourself. Your English is in your mind, just use it.
And for myself: well done, Reme! (jeje)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My Oral Exam!

I had today my Oral exam at the Language School. At the beginning I was a bit nervious, but when the two teachers asked me to speak about me, then... I relax and the talkative person I have inside me began to chat!

After introducing myself, I have spoken about what I'm studying and why, and also about our projects on the Internet.

I have spoken so much that they just have asked me three questions!! (and one was "Please, introduce yourself"!) I'm happy because I feel I was controlling the speaking's topic but on the other hand, I have finished without being asked to make a little speech about a sentence, just as the two persons before me have done. I wonder if it is a good or bad sign. I'll know the results tomorrow!

A Capsule Time

This post is about travelling, but this time "virtual travelling" or "time travelling":

Last week I was asked in one of my writing exercises in the English exam what would I put into a Capsule Time and why. We had to choose three things very representative of our lifestyle, because the capsule time was going to be burried and probably been found in 10 years.

After wondering what the hell could I put, then the inspiration came to me! I had to be original and the three objects may be representatives of our time, so I chose our ID card, some coins and a pair of trainners. Why? Let me explain it:

The ID card: because in 10 years the nano technology will be so developed that we probably will have a microchip in our bodies, so that we would be identificated wherever we'll be. (Although probably this is not as good as it seems!)

The trainners: because in my oppinion shoes represent the fashion very good, no matter the style or time we were living in.

The coins: in my oppinion it would happen the same as with the ID card. There will be no coins at all and we will use our bank accounts in digital screens.

What do you think of this? What would you put into the capsule time?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

For you two!

Ahh, so long without typing at all... I was missing it! Exams, exams, and more exams, but hopefully this period is now coming to the end!
Although this post is going to be a bit short, I wanted to dedicate a few words to Raquel, my elder sister, and Raquel, one of my friends:

To Raquel, my friend, and also to Roberto: congratulations, have a happy new life!! (they got married last Saturday.) By this time, they would be having a great time in Tenerife.

To the first Raquel, my sister, because yesterday it was your birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (29 years old... mmmm.... maybe it's time for you too, isn't it??? You should learn from "the other" Raquel!! ha,ha, ha)